3 Daily Routines to Get & Stay Younger, Sexy & Fit

how to look and feel younger, sexier and fit at any age

Here are three simply daily routines to how to look and feel younger, sexier and fit at any age or stage in your life, and feel and look your best every day. You don’t have to be a celebrity to look like one and feel like one every day, you just have to want it enough. If you want it, you can get it every day. I focus on feeling happy, healthy positive and kind of myself and others as possible did you know that the human skin regenerate itself 1000 times in a lifetime? If we take care of it, we can stay younger and look better and feel better longer than we ever thought we could.

I’ve been obsessed with health and fitness all my life. At 48 I guess my skin has regenerated itself around 10 times already, assuming that our live in time 90 and it will have regenerated itself around 1000 times in total (1000 % 50 = 20).

So how do you look like 1 million bucks without spending it? if you love yourself enough and are committed to your own health and beauty you can do it takes discipline and commitment.

Here are my five daily tips that keep me feeling young, healthy, and looking and feeling 28 (most days 38). As a 48-year-old woman I like to make sure that I’m retaining all the youth I possibly can and don’t lose it, but regenerate it every day. how do you healthy your 50s? Well I know a lot of women in my mountain biking community that look absolutely stunning and you would never know that they’re older. They’re sort of a mix of women from 25 to 55 that look pretty much the same age. I’m so proud of these women can’t get them, because of their vitality, and thirst for a life of fun and happy adventures.

1. Get Enough Rest, Recovery Time, and Sleep

Not only do I get at least eight hours of sleep at night, if I’m sleepy or tired I’ll take a 30 minute Power Nap a few days a week, especially if I’m riding a lot in my body and mind or fatigued. It helps with muscle and mental recovery so that I’m not over exerting myself and wearing out my body and mind. Before I go to sleep, I also drink hot tea while using the gun on my sore muscles so that they repair themselves overnight faster and better, especially if I have torn or hurt legs or injuries from riding my bike.

I believe that we can slow down the aging clock by getting lots of sleep, at least eight hours a day to recover from the wear and tear of daily life, from your workouts and exercise, and to simply reset your brain from one day to the next to maintain a healthy happy mindset. If your mind and body are fatigued, you will slow down your brain from being able to process and operate your entire system, plus it will put you in a bad mood, kind of like babies and children when they are cranky and tired, and just need to take a nap to feel better. Don’t give yourself a hard time if you feel like this. Just because we’re not chronologically younger, doesn’t mean we don’t need to take a nap during the day if time allows, even if it’s just for 15 or 30 minutes, believe me, it’s worth taking that time for yourself. There are so many great benefits of getting enough sleep. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, most adults need 7 or more hours of good-quality sleep on a regular schedule each night.

It’s not just about the total hours of sleep you get a night, it’s important to get quality sleep on a regular schedule so you feel well-rested by the time you wake up. If you’re working out throughout the day like me, you may need even more sleep, especially if you are training for a race event.

Beyond getting enough sleep, implementing daily spa time into your schedule will help you feel and look younger every day. If you read my previous article,  you’ll know that I take a daily spa bath that can range anywhere from 30 minutes to seriously up to two hours. I spend this time to relax, recover regenerate from my life and my work and all the mountain biking that I’m doing, it’s really important for me because I want to retain every bit of you and energy that I have as I get older and older every year. I feel like these routines are making me younger every 10 years we regenerate our bones so it’s crazy think about it. We are not just one age our body is made up of different ages at different times so that’s why some people look way younger at, the same age. Someone said that they thought I was in my late 20s or 30s when I’m really 48. I love that and I live for that!

In order to fit in the daily spa bath or shower, you have to stay disciplined and keep a certain order to the steps in which you carry out these activities. I’m a bit personal and business coach and so I’m always working with women to make sure that they’re maintaining their youth and happy mindset so that they can power through their day creating more with less effort. I tried to do the same things in the same order every day so after I have my coffee ready, I had upstairs with my Stanley filled with ice water and I run my bath, brush my teeth because I hate getting in the bath with teeth. I washed my hair every day so that, I’m not ruining it with too much wear and tear and hot tools. I make sure that I’m cleansing and exfoliating my face and body and always use Aquaphor to smooth out all the cracks and wrinkles cause I stay looking young and healthy every day. I’ll leave it on while I’m stretching and I have 5 pound weights that I use to save time because there’s not a lot enough time in the day to get all the exercise and stretching and that I wanna do, a lot of great stretching and recovery and your muscles are nice and relaxed, and you can save time. There should be no excuse it good for your mind and good for your body speaking of mine. Then after I do my stretching, I spend time closing my eyes and meditating and deep breathing and taking in breast in through my nose and out through my mouth about 10 to 20 times, deep relaxation your day right for success with a clear and calm mind. That way you can plan your day with less stress and ease.

2. Get Enough Fuel: Food & Hydration

From the moment I walk up in the morning to the time I go to sleep at night, I’m hydrating and fueling my body all day long. As sociologist and Coach with a master screen sociology I’m obsessed with the timeless theories of Abraham Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs pyramid. See it throughout my book, The High-Value Woman. We must have the mindset that we need to cover our basic human needs, including the needs for hunger and thirst food, and shelter first before we can see our higher level needs and move up all the way to the top of the pyramid, which is transcendence or self actualization.

In the morning, I have a dark roast pour over coffee, but I’m careful not to dehydrate myself right off the bat and I feel my Stanley thermos full of ice water every day and drink that along with my coffee in my daily spa bath. I’ll also grab a Gatorade as well , rehydrate and refresh. After spa bath, I’ll make a muscle milk vanilla smoothie with a banana half water half milk for breakfast and that will get me through my afternoon rides and my evening rides as well. I also eat around 100 to 200 calories an hour when I’m riding and always keep mint Cliff bars in my pockets or purses at all times. I also have three teenage girls so they’re always hungry so I have something to give them if they get hangry. You can also save money on having to get takeout or fast food on the go. If you have healthy snacks in the car also keep a few Gatorade in the middle console just in case we’re thirsty. My girls and I are very athletic and active, they are in five teams alone in addition to me being on Hella Mello Racing (HMR)  Northern California’s premier cycling team.

3. Daily Workout & Exercise

Believe me at 48 years old, I wouldn’t feel so young fit and healthy if I didn’t love exercising so much. I love the before during and after of exercising and everything in between I’m amazed how much muscle I can build up even at almost half century, and I’m nowhere near where I was a few years ago when my muscles were completely ripped and I was doing yoga and Pilates for one hour a day without fail for an entire year and a half when we were shut down by Covid in March 17, 2020 all the way to June 2021. I also was riding 3 to 5 days a week on my mountain bike so I was, I’m working to get back to that level and I’m almost there!

You can do the same I know you can. It just takes the belief and mindset and willingness to commit to it. You have to believe that you’re worth it that you’re valuable enough to be that beautiful and strong and healthy and fit. Every day is a date with yourself! Believe me I want everyone to look in the mirror and fall in love with himself if they are not already and not in any bad narcissistic way, but true love that’s kind to themselves and kind of others.

For me getting enough exercise every day is critical to feeling happy healthy young and fit every day. It is part of my DNA and has been since I was a little kid. I played every sport from four years old to today, soccer, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball softball, flag football, swimming, running, yoga, Pilates, yes, even Frisbee and regular golf, and most importantly mountain biking. I’m just a very active and admittedly competitive and sporty person. I will be for life. I hope I will be.

Believe me even at 10 years old I had a six pack because I did so much sports so much running around and playing all the time, especially outside on a trail in the woods in the beauty of nature.

When I started riding mountain bikes at 23 years old, 25 years ago I fell in love with the feeling that I was flying on my bike and able to push myself harder and harder and learn new things every single pedal with every single pedal stroke. I’m learning more and more from the women and men I ride with and I am so proud and thankful for them.

It’s not just competing that beyond my limits beyond my comfort zones and surprising myself unlimited amount of potential that our human bodies have. It is the greatest part of life for me.

Exercising no matter what you choose to do is extremely important to sing, strong and healthy inside and out. Dr. David Sinclair, an aging scientist out of Harvard Medical School studies the effect of the fighter mechanism, which helps people retain their youth and reverse and stop the signs of aging. I absolutely love and recommend his book, “Why We Age, and Why We Don’t Have To.” If you think about it doing something like mountain biking does make us younger because we are stimulating the flight mechanism we have to be alert and aware of the obstacles and challenges ahead of us on the trail, including roots, rocks, turns and burns, steep tech climbs in defense that our brain and our bodies need to be hyper aware of to survive and thrive through them. If you think about it, this automatically would cause someone to have.


When you make yourself, feel good and take really good care of yourself. It will take care of you. You will feel more motivated to the younger and more beautiful you look and feel at any age preserve the age you have because you’ll lose it if you don’t.

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