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“You’re only as good as your switchback. You can either choose to keep climbing up, go back down, or stay where you are until you’re ready to make changes."

Liz Donahey is an American sociologist, behavioral growth coach, and competitive mountain biker based in Northern California. Liz is passionate about helping others achieve personal and business growth and transformation by gaining the insights, clarity, and skills it takes to better understand, improve, and optimize their feelings, thoughts, and actions in order to achieve their goals of living a happier, healthier longer life. Liz utilizes her knowledge and skills as a sociologist, personal coach, and endurance athlete. With 20 years of mountain biking experience. Liz has developed a set of powerful principles, processes, and tools that increase personal and business performance. With a Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Sociology, Liz applies a sociotechnical approach to maximize business growth, especially when linked to desired goals. She lives with her three daughters, Chloe, Camryn, and Cassidy, in Northern California. 

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Liz Donahey