Meet Liz Donahey

Liz's story

“You’re only as good as your switchback. You can either choose to keep climbing up, go back down, or stay where you are until you’re ready to make changes."

Elizabeth Donahey, MA is a sociologist, personal coach, and mountain biker on the Hella Mello Racing Team in Northern California. For 20 years, Liz has found mountain biking a powerful way to overcome her challenges of being neglected, abandoned, and adopted as an infant. Through these adversities, Liz has developed a set of powerful principles, processes, and tools that increase personal and business performance. Her 23 Principles of Resiliency You’ll Learn From Mountain Biking course is now available through this website. As an assistant professor, Liz focused on technology and its impact on individuals and societal growth through automation-driven continuous process improvement. With a Master's in Sociology, Liz applies social and behavioral approaches to maximize personal development, especially when linked to a desired goal. She lives with her three daughters in Sonoma County, California. 
23 Principles of Resilience You’ll Learn From Mountain Biking