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Liz Donahey will move and motivate you to get past life’s most challenging times while having the most fun throughout the journey. Over the past 20 years of mountain biking, Liz has developed a set of 23 principles of success that celebrate the rich business and life lessons that sports mountain biking teaches us due to its demanding combination of mental and physical skills and strengths. Today, she’s devoted to helping individuals and businesses get past great challenges, growth, and thrive. Liz was accepted this year onto the North Bay’s premier women’s mountain biking team, Hella Mello Racing, an exceptional group of women athletes.

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Corporate Coaching & Presentations

We offer customized presentations and group workshops that are fun, collaborative, and effective focused on the valuable 23 Principles of Success You'll Learn From Mountain Biking.

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Life Coaching

Get daily and weekly action-based, measurable life coaching services to help you climb to the top of your personal and professional goals.

Mountain Biking Classes

Let's ride to get happier, healthier, stronger, and fit, and feel better than ever! Learn more about individual, couple, and group beginner, fitness and endurance mountain biking classes in Sonoma County, California.

The Podcast

Liz Donahey's 23 Principles podcast is all about the rich business and life lessons that one of the world’s most exciting sports mountain biking teaches us due to its demanding combination of mental and physical skills and strengths that drive our individual performance improvement and success.


Get inside Liz's adventurous MTB community, social rides, and Hella Mello Racing team events and races. You're going to want to grab your gear and head out for a ride with these incredible people at parks like Annadel, Jack London, China Camp, Santa Cruz's Demo, Tahoe, and beyond.


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