The 23 Principles of Personal Branding Masterclass

Liz Donahey's 23 Principles of Personal Branding Masterclass is must for all new business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs. In this interactive and motivating mastermind, you'll discover and build the mindset, methods, and measures to grow your brand and audience at low to no cost.
Liz-Donaheys 23 Principles of Personal Branding Masterclass

Feb 23 at 10am Pacific


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Developing your personal brand can be daunting, overwhelming, and flat out frightening for some, but in this day and age, it’s not something you can avoid if you are an entrepreneur trying to start, manage, and grow your business and brand without breaking the bank. Learn how to build your brand authentically, with high-converting content that engages the right audiences at the right time at little to now cost. Join this interactive mastermind  with speaker Liz Donahey for a lesson in branding you will never forget.

About this Mastermind

In this unique and motivating 90-minute interactive mastermind, you will learn how to gain followers to know, trust, and love our personal brand to create a highly-engaged audience of social media followers that convert at a high rate. First, you will identify the mindset you will need to lead and deliver rich social media content on a schedule and on the platforms that tell your brand story in a way to reaches enough of the right people, in the right places (channels) at the right time (social media calendar). You will leave this course with the mindset, motivation and skills to create and grow your brand,  and build an effective omni-channel inbound socialentrepenuers approach to social selling without having to rely on costly ads and other influencers to drive immediate results and create powerful traction in your industry. 

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