Aging is a Mindset

aging is a mindset

The older I get, the more I realize that aging is a mindset, in other words, aging is a state of mind, a decision to go in either a more youthful direction in life, or choose to slowly grow old,a decaying our bodies and minds, and dying a slow death every day. Well, let’s say hell not to that. Since 2020, the pandemic shift my focus to growing younger not older. If you’ve listened to any of my podcast, it’s a consistent theme I talk and think about, especially in the episode, Season 3: Episode 14, “I Think I’m Getting Younger,” I mention that I think I’m going through a growth spurt, even though most people my age at 47-year old may not think this is possible, but I do. I think we can grow younger, not older if we make the conscious decision to devote our physical and mental energy towards living , not dying. From the moment we wake up to the time we fall asleep, we can choose the feelings, actions, and behaviors that keep us growing younger, happier, and healthier.

You don’t have to keep your age a secret

Yesterday, I ran into an older couple while racking up my mountain bike after doing a pre-ride prepping for the big Dirt Crits Race XC Race Series I’m racing in tonight at Howarth Park in Santa Rosa, California prepping for a race tonight. The woman had a look of shock when I told her how old I was. She said you don’t look older than 30. I’m like, no, I really am 47 years old. I’ve been obsessed and passionate for an intense three years on improving personal growth and development and helping others. I want to share all the transformative insights I’ve been having about why I think I’m getting younger, not older. If I look at pictures of myself five, or even ten years ago, I look and felt older, much older than I do now. Today, I realized the critical importance of feeling happy, filled with youthfulness, self-love and self-esteem, and I feel it’s my purpose to help others, especially women who are struggling like I had in the past with many challenges.

Why we age, and why we don’t have to

It all started to really make sense to me when I listened to an audiobook called by aging scientist Dr. David Sinclair, “Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have to” in which he refers to aging a treatable disease. I feel the same about unhappiness, which can be treated similarly. We have to find reasons to stay young, if we don’t our bodies and our minds will think there’s no point. Now, understand, this is not his direct interpretation of the problem of aging, you will have to get his book for that, but I have learned so much eye-opening information that has resonated for years in me, down to the molecular level. David talks a lot the effects of stimulating our flight or fight mechanisms, we are actually giving ourselves great reason to stay young, sharp, alert to survive and the biological and physiological impacts helps stop us from aging, and perhaps reverse it. 

Find passion and let it fuel your youthfulness

My passion is helping others live more successful, happy, healthier, and younger lives. My passion sport is mountain biking. I believe that by mountain biking as much as I do has created the same stimulus responses which is keeping me young, happy, and healthy. To make things even better, I do recommend finding a passion like mountain biking with a partner you love and trust to have that adventure with. I am happy to say that I have found an amazing adventure partner, and I do believe we are minute by minute, hour by hour encouraging each other, pushing one another to towards greater happiness and youth. 

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